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Craig Stanfill



Craig W. Stanfill obtained his PhD in artificial intelligence in 1983, and has spent his career doing ground-breaking research in AI and enterprise computing. He has written numerous scientific papers, co-founded a software company, and been awarded more than 80 patents. He continues to work in technology as he turns his hand to writing speculative dystopian fiction. Dr. Stanfill lives an active lifestyle, and is an avid bicyclist, skier, sailor, and musician. With his wife, Sharon (herself a software engineer), he has roamed the world, always seeking out new places and cultures to explore. Together they have one son, who has followed in his parent’s footsteps as a software professional and now works for a high-profile technology company.


The Prophecy of the Heron

Book 2 of 2: Terms of Service


Terms of Service

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