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Gini Koch



Gini Koch writes the fast, fresh and funny Alien/Katherine "Kitty"  Katt series for Penguin Random House/DAW Books, the Necropolis  Enforcement Files series, the Martian Alliance Chronicles series, and  has a humor collection, Random Musings from the Funny Girl.

She's made the most of multiple personality disorder by writing in  every length and genre and under a variety of other pen names as well,  including G.J. Koch (the Alexander Outland series), Anita Ensal, Jemma  Chase, A.E. Stanton (the New West Series and the Legend of Belladonna  series), and J.C. Koch, all with stories featured in excellent  anthologies, available now and upcoming from publishers such as DAW  Books, Baen Books, Zombies Need Brains, UFO Publishing, Abaddon Books,  IDW Publishing, Titan Books, JorunalStone, CAEZIK SF & Fantasy,  Founders House Publishing, Audio Publishing, Prime Books, Eposic, and  Cold Fusion Media.

Reach her at


Gunfight on Europa Station


Touched by an Alien


Alexander Outland: Space Pirate


The Legend of Belladonna: Book 1 - Natural Born Outlaws

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