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Jon R. Osborne



Jon R. Osborne turned a journalism education and a passion for role-playing games into writing science fiction and fantasy. His second book in The Milesian Accords modern fantasy trilogy, “A Tempered Warrior”, was a 2018 Dragon Awards finalist for Best Fantasy Novel. Jon is a core author in the military science fiction Four Horseman Universe, where he was first published in 2017. 

Jon resides in Indianapolis, where he plays role-playing games, writes science fiction and fantasy, and extols the virtues of beer. You can find out more at and at 


When the Axe Falls

The Omega War Book 7


The House Between Worlds

Book 4 of 4: The Milesian Accords


Among the Embers

Book 16 of 16: The Fallen World


A Reluctant Druid

Book 1 of 4: The Milesian Accords


An Axe To Grind

Book 4 of 17: The Guild Wars


And Then It Got Weird: An Anthology of Paranormal Peculiarities

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