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Leia Powell


Artist / Author

Master Stained Glass Artisan Leia Powell has been creating glass masterpieces, breaking down barriers, and rejuvenating the old world artistry for over 25 years. The first stained glass artist to be nominated for the coveted Chesley Award, Leia is also the first glass artist in history to be the sole maker of an author’s trademarked characters: Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Her three-dimensional figures and exceptionally intricate stained glass windows have won her multiple art show awards at conventions all over the country. Her fused glass jewelry is a testament to how glorious melting glass at 1200 degrees can be.

A champion for unconventional artists, Leia advocates for all conventions to give their unconventional artists a platform to talk about and display their work, just as much as their digital, pencil, and paint artisan peers. She also transports a mini stained glass shop, so she can demonstrate the creation of glass art right in our panel rooms, while she regales you with tales of her journey and amazing stained glass historical tidbits that will blow your mind.

Leia keeps apprentices and interns on staff at her studio Wildcat Mountain Artisty in Florence, Alabama, and is determined to teach everyone she can to ensure the flame of stained glass creativity keeps burning, even if she has to bring her glass shop to us!


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The Adventures of Little Lei-Lei: Toil and Trouble

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