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Oren Truitt


Professional, Artist

Woodley Oren Truitt III is a man of many parts.  In his 64 years he has packed in several careers and adventures.  Oren holds a BS in biology & chemistry and a MA in History with a Certificate of Archival Administration.  He hopes someday to go back for his doctorate in history.    History is his PASSION. 

Growing up a military brat, Oren had extensive military style training from his scoutmasters.  How many 13 year olds can successfully complete a US Army survival exercise? Oren earned his Eagle Scout badge at age 15.   His father used Oren to test US Army radar teaching materials so by 15 Oren knew how to operate 2 different ground radar systems.  His dad also gave Oren his first instruction in repairing firearms.  Later Oren did a 5 year apprenticeship under a Master gunsmith.    

A voracious reader, Oren has been a fan of history, science fiction and fantasy literature as far back as he can remember.  Ever the romantic among his favorites are THE PRISONER OF ZENDA, the Barsoom series, Fafherd and the Gray Mouser, Thieves World, Shogun and the works of Katherine Kurtz. For the past couple of decades, the works of Larry Correia, Jim Butcher and John Ringo.  

Both Oren & Cindy are aficionados of classic cinema and TV.  They often spend time curled up together watching something in Glorious Black & White.  

Growing up watching Errol Flynn movies, Oren learned to use a sword as soon as possible.  He was a competitive fencer for 18 years as well being both a light and heavy weapons fighter in the SCA. 


Oren began cutting and polishing stone when he was 13, was doing silversmithing by 15, while in graduate school Oren worked as a custom jeweler and sculptor.  His favorite styles of jewelry are Celtic and Norse.  

As a teacher, Oren has 20+ years in the classroom.  His classroom is decorated with armor, maps, flags and artifacts as much as 4000 years old.  

Cindy and Oren have a library of 3000+ books covering a broad range of fiction and non-fiction.  About half of it is history related or firearms related.   Cindy is a published author, Oren aspires to add author to his list of careers. Oren is a Master Mason, Past Master, 32nd Degree Scottish Rite and a Knight Templar.  Cindy & Oren are members of the Guthrie Gunfighters. Oren has an extensive collection of original and reproduction 19th Century firearms. 

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