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Rob Reed



Rob Reed writes science fiction, fantasy mysteries and thrillers. His fiction has been featured in the best-selling anthologies “Forged in Blood” and “Freehold: Resistance,” both edited by Michael Z. Williamson.

He co-edited (with Amie Gibbons) and published the urban fantasy anthology “Supernatural Streets” in 2020. This includes his “80’s buddy cop movie” story “Night Hawks” about ex-cons forced to fight monsters.

Rob has worked as an emergency room clerk, newspaper reporter, and firearms instructor. He collects vintage military weapons and writes about firearms professionally. He lives with his wife, Marie, their three cats, and their untenably large book collection in the metro Detroit area.


Supernatural Streets


And Then It Got Weird: An Anthology of Paranormal Peculiarities


Freehold: Resistance

Book 7 of 8: Freehold

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