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David Bogen



David Bogen (BSEE, PE, Corporate Fellow) has been in the electric utility industry for more than 40 years and has helped implement many changes that analyze, control and monitor the conditions of the electric transmission system. In 1990 David earned his Professional Engineering License in the state of Texas. In 1994 David was picked to be a member of the team that implemented the first Energy Management System for Oncor Electric Delivery which transitioned the utility from using traditional SCADA system to cutting-edge control and analysis applications. In 2006 David was named a Corporate Follow for his work in State Estimation and implementing Real-Time Advance Transmission Analysis applications at Oncor Electric Delivery. He has been a staunch supporter for the implementation of systems that utilize 'open standards' for data exchange and has worked with both national and international standard organizations. Consequently, he has been an active participant in IEEE, EPRI, NASPI, IEC, CIMug, ERCOT, NERC, and SGIP.

David currently is the utility chairman of the international CIM User Group and is a board member of the UCAI User Group which supports the development of several standard organizations.  

Name of Event
5:00 PM
CC - Mtg Room 14/15
Opening Ceremonies
10:00 AM
M - Plaza Ballroom A/B
Guest of Honor Brunch Banquet / Speeches
12:00 PM
CC - Mtg Rm 13 (STEM)
Off-Grid Power Systems
10:00 AM
M - Plaza Ballroom A/B
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