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DB Bray



DB Bray was never supposed to be a writer, not in the slightest. It took the death of a friend to light the torch. But when he started, he couldn’t stop…it consumes his very soul.

Inspired by the likes of Bishop O'Connell of American Farie Tale Series, and K’wan from the Street Lit community, he tried his hand at fantasy. 

He wrote Emperors & Assassins, a dark fantasy, and Loners a DNDesque fantasy where all races collide in the search for retirement from bounty hunting. He’s written dark westerns and post-apocalyptic young adult as well.

He had recently signed to Three Raven’s Publishing house and started writing in the Revolutionary War time period with the fantastic writers of JTF-13, and the Special Unit.

When he’s not burning up the keys on his phone…yep his phone where he writes everything before transferring it to a laptop, he is spending time with his girlfriend, Feradeh and her daughter Ashley who helped rebirth his pen when it ran out of ink. And messing around daily on the phone laughing with his best friend, co-writer and narrator, Walt “Big Daddy Behind The Mic” Allen.

You can find him mostly on Instagram (dbbraythewriter) where he interviews fellow writers to help promote their work. His favorite saying is For The Dwarven Lasses Asses.

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