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Gerry Martin



Gerald (Gerry) Martin has been working on computers since his very first Tandy 1000HX that he got from his parents for Christmas in 1988. Starting at 5 years old to now, there is very little he has not seen or tried to do with his systems over the years, especially when he wanted to play a game! The world should be thankful that it wasn't Gerry who was the star in "Wargames" because when the supercomputer asked "Would you like to play a game?" there is no chance Gerry would have refused. Starting with the old text adventures from Infocom to the survival shooters and role-playing games today, he has played nearly every genre available. His collection of PC games (and console games to a certain extent) covers the strategy, shooter, and role-playing game gamut with some of the old point-and-click adventure games featuring a place on his shelves. At over 500 games, many complete in their original boxes, he enjoys preserving these classics for others to enjoy. Gerry, via his online handle LongwoodGeek, streams quite a few of these games on his Twitch Channel which has made affiliate status (he isn't rolling in money yet but that is what hard work can get you!). His YouTube Channel, still under GerryBM due to Google's policies on unique names being tied to money-making, has videos of not just game play but discussions and interviews with game developers along with retro technology repairs and demonstrations. If there is gaming knowledge to be shared, rest assured Gerry will be more than happy to share it with you!
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