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Quincy J. Allen



National Bestselling Author Quincy J. Allen is a cross-genre author with a wide assortment of publications under his belt. His media tie-in novel Colt the Outlander: Shadow of Ruin was a Scribe Award finalist in 2019, and his noir sci-fi novel Chemical Burn was a Colorado Gold Award finalist in 2010.

He’s actively working on his fantasy steampunk series the Blood War Chronicles, and he just wrapped up book three in the fantasy series The Way of Legend with Marc Alan Edelheit. He and Kevin Ikenberry are working on Scourge, the sequel to Enforcer, and he’s also working on Cradle and All, a novel in Jamie Ibson’s Myrmidon’s universe. Most importantly, he is a founding member of the Eldros Legacy, and his debut novel Seeds of Dominion kicks off a ten-book series entitled the Legacy of Deceit.

In short, he’s going in eight directions at once and is loving every minute of it. He works out of his home in Charlotte, North Carolina, and hopes to one day be a New York Times bestselling author.

For more information about his ongoing efforts, check him out at:

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Seeds of Dominion

Book 1 of 1: Legacy of Deceit


And Then It Got Weird: An Anthology of Paranormal Peculiarities


Paladin's Light

Book 3 of 3: The Way of Legend



Book 2 of 7: Four Horsemen Sagas

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