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Bart Kemper



Bart is a writer, photographer, inventor, and consulting Professional Engineer based in South Louisiana.  He served over 34 years in the US Army, Active and Reserve, enlisted and officer, including as a Sergeant in the 82nd Airborne Division up to a Lt. Colonel engineer officer in Afghanistan.  His engineering work include forensics, subsea, aerospace, failure analysis, equipment design, medical systems, and biomechanics. In the last decade he has become increasingly involved with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Bart was selected as a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the National Society of Professional Engineers.  As a non-fiction author, he spent a decade as a journalist as a writer and photographer.  Bart has over 40 professional publications as an engineer, serves as the Editor-in-chief for a peer-reviewed forensic engineering journal, and is a peer reviewer for a number of publications.  This led to being a featured commentator during the Titan Submersible tragedy as well as a subject matter expert for the related investigations.  Since his retirement from the Army he has returned to his first love, fiction, with multiple contributions published in Raconteur Press and Three Ravens Publishing, as well as returning to black & white fine art photography.


Imagine THAT!

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Tomorrow's Hope


Steam-Powered Postcards

Book 2 of 7: Postcard Stories

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