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Charles E. Gannon



Dr. Charles E. Gannon‘s best-selling books have won the Dragon Award, the ALA Choice Award (Outstanding Book), the Compton Crook Award, and have been nominated for four Nebulas. He is best known for the Caine Riordan series of hard sf novels, which have all been national best-sellers and include 4 finalists for the Nebula, 2 for the Dragon, and a Compton Crook winner. In 2020, the “Caineverse” expanded into an exclusive imprint, Beyond Terra Press (Chris Kennedy Publications) which, now entering its third season, has brought readers the closely entwined Murphy's Lawless series, reissued the anthology Lost Signals of the Terran Republic, and will soon be embarking upon an unprecedented cooperative traditional publishing venture. 

Gannon’s epic fantasy series, The Vortex of Worlds, debuted in 2021 with This Broken World. He collaborates w/ Eric Flint in the NYT/WSJ bestselling Ring of Fire series, has written two solo novels in John Ringo's Black Tide Rising world, and co-authored three volumes with Steve White in the Starfire series. He’s also worked in the Honorverse, Man-Kzin, and War World universes. His other writing credits include lots of short fiction, table-top roleplaying games (Traveller, 2300 AD, Twilight: 2000, Dark Conspiracy) and years of work as a scriptwriter/producer in NYC.   

As a Distinguished Professor of English, Gannon received 5 Fulbrights, and his Rumors of War & Infernal Machines won the 2006 ALA Choice Award for Outstanding Book. He is a frequent subject matter expert for national media venues (NPR, Discovery, etc.) and for various intelligence and defense agencies. 


Give Me LibertyCon



Caine Riordan Universe


1636: Calabar's War

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