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Chris Smith



A native Texan by birth (if not geography), Chris moved 'home' as soon as he could.

Attending Texas A+M​, he learned quickly that there was more to college than beer and football games.  He relocated to San Antonio, attending SAC and UTSA, graduating in late 2000 with a BA in Lit. While there, he also met a wonderful lady who somehow found him to be funny, charming, and worth marrying. (She has since changed her mind on the funny and charming)

Christopher began writing fiction in 2012. His short stories can be found in multiple anthologies, including John Ringo and Gary Poole’s Black Tide Rising, Mike Williamson’s Forged In Blood, Larry Correia and Kacey Ezell’s Noir Fatale, and Tom Kratman’s Terra Nova.

Christopher has co-written two novels, Kraken Mare with Jason Cordova, and Gunpowder & Embers with Kacey Ezell and John Ringo.

His cats allow his family and their dogs to reside with them outside of San Antonio.


United We Stand

Book 4 of 4: Black Tide Rising Anthologies


Give Me LibertyCon


Terra Nova: The Wars of Liberation

Carrera Military SF series


The Founder Effect


Sha'Daa: Toys

Sha'Daa: Tales of the Apocalypse Volume 6


We Shall Rise

Black Tide Rising series


Gunpowder & Embers

Book 1 of 1: Last Judgment's Fire


Noir Fatale


Freehold: Resistance

Book 7 of 8: Freehold

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