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Douglas Burbey




Doug Burbey is the universe creator of, and author in, the Blood War urban fantasy series. He is constantly preparing to: repel the demon hordes, slay zombies, brew beer and defeat the insidious plots of the bureaucratic machinery. Doug grew up in the Philippines as a military brat learning how to cook chicken adobo, scuba diving and exploring jungle waterfalls. Doug managed to earn an undergraduate degree and received commission in the U.S. Army. He then served in numerous Army positions and attained the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Doug managed to survive a couple wars around the world before retiring his combat boots and putting on a suit and tie. His current day job is as an advanced military technology development program manager. After endless hours of center aisle seated flights and brain numbing hotel room HBO movies, Doug decided that he needed an outlet for his creative endeavors. Doug decided to bring apocalyptic mayhem to the world with a twist of humor and a few demons as a writer. Still a government stooge by day and a literary demon horde slayer by night, Doug lives and writes in Maryland with his family when not on the road travel across the country for work.

Name of Event
4:00 PM
M - Plaza Ballroom Mezzanine - Authors/Artists Alley
Authors/Artist Alley: Jared Austin, Marina Fontaine, David Badurina, Mel Todd/Doug Burbey, Kevin A. Davis, Julie Frost
1:00 PM
M - Plaza Ballroom Mezzanine - Authors/Artists Alley
Authors/Artist Alley: Lydia Sherrer / David Sherrer, Mel Todd / Doug Burbey, Gray Rinehart, Les Johnson, David Badurina, Jenny Wren
10:00 AM
M - Plaza Ballroom A/B

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