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Fred Hughes



The International Bestselling Amazon Author of seven books of 'The Prince of Britannia' series. I'm currently working on my new series, 'The First Solar War.'

Having served 20 years in the US Navy, most of it on submarines, I developed a great appreciation for the written word. Naval service also gave me an appreciation for organization and processes. It's also helped in writing space combat.

To stay up to date with everything I'm doing, check out my webpage: 

Books by Fred Hughes:

The First Solar War

Cripple Squadron

Apostate Cripple

The Prince of Britannia

The Prince Awakens

Prince Commander

Prince War Leader

Prince Peacemaker

Prince Renegade

Prince Liberator

Prince Conqueror


Prince Peacemaker

The Prince of Britannia Saga Book 4 of 4

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