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Jamie Ibson



Jamie Ibson is from the frozen wastelands of Canuckistan, where moose, bears, and geese battle for domination among the hockey rinks, igloos, and Tim Hortons. After joining the Canadian army reserves in high school, he spent half of 2001 in Bosnia as a peacekeeper and came home shortly after 9/11 with a deep sense of foreboding. After graduating college, he landed a job in law enforcement and was posted to the left coast from 2007 to 2021. He retired from law enforcement in early 2021 and moved clear across the country to write full time in the Maritimes. 

Jamie’s website can be found at, where he has free short stories available for download. To find out when he releases something new, follow him on Bookbub at He is also on Facebook, and runs The Frozen Hoser’s Winter Wasteland on Discord.

He is married to the lovely Michelle, and they have cats.


United We Stand

Book 4 of 4: Black Tide Rising Anthologies


We Dare: Wanted, Dead or Alive


Standing Fast on Foreign Shores

The Last Brigade Universe


Gunboat Diplomacy

Four Horsemen Sagas Book 1


Myrmidons, Inc.: Urbicide

Myrmidons, Inc Book 1


Freehold: Defiance

Book 8 of 8: Freehold


We Dare: Old Age and Treachery

We Dare series Book 5


A Murder of Wolves

The Dog Soldier's War Book 1


We Shall Rise

Black Tide Rising series

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