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Jeff Barnes



As an Air Force brat, Jeff grew up in such exotic locales as Japan, Alaska, Texas, and Tennessee. After a botched attempt at college, Jeff was hired by the FAA to be an air traffic controller. He spent time in Anchorage and Dillingham, Alaska; Paducah, Kentucky; and Nashville, Tennessee as a controller. From there he left active air traffic control to work in FAA headquarters in Washington, DC, followed by the William J. Hughes Technical Center in Atlantic City, NJ. Aside from controlling, Jeff's 35 years of federal service have been spent in electronic warfare, system development, strategic planning, computer security, safety engineering, and program management. Currently he is the Operations Team Lead for first level support of the Traffic Flow Management System (If you have ever seen a map of the US showing all the planes in the air at once, you are looking at one TFMS product). His first story, Fall from Grace was published in the 3rd book of the Sha'Daa series, "Sha'Daa: Pawns," he has two stories in the 4th, "Sha'daa: Facets", and he and his wife Lori Martin both have poems in Rich Groller's "The Book of Night". And if he looks familiar, it is because has been a regular in Chattanooga fandom since ChattaCon 3!
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