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John Ringo



John Ringo's science fiction is action-oriented and abounding in characters to root for. He is the creator of the New York Times best-selling military science fiction series The Posleen Wars, with over one million copies in print. Ringo is also the author of the far-future science fiction adventure saga, The Council War. In addition to breaking new ground with hard-hitting contemporary fantasies Princess of Wands and Queen of Wands, Ringo created he nationally best-selling techno-thriller Ghost series, as well as military techno-thriller The Last Centurion, which was also a national bestseller. A veteran of the U.S. Army's 82nd Airborne, Ringo brings firsthand knowledge of military operations to his fiction. He has over seven million copies of his books in print, and his works have been translated into seven different languages


United We Stand

Book 4 of 4: Black Tide Rising Anthologies


Cally's War

Book 6 of 12: Legacy of the Aldenata (Posleen War Series #5)


Gunpowder & Embers

Book 1 of 1: Last Judgment's Fire


Honor of the Clan

Legacy of the Aldenata Book 10


Through the Storm

Book 2 of 2: TransDimensional Hunter


We Shall Rise

Black Tide Rising series


Sister Time

Book 9 of 12: Legacy of the Aldenata (The Posleen War)


Into the Real

TransDimensional Hunter

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