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Justin Watson



Justin Watson was the last member admitted to West Point’s Class of 2005, though, thankfully, he didn’t graduate in the same slot.  Justin commissioned into the Field Artillery and spent his entire career, outside of military courses, with line Field Artillery or Infantry units, deploying twice to Iraq and once to Afghanistan.  Acquiring a Combat Action Badge, Purple Heart, and a lot of surgical titanium, Justin was medically retired from the Army in 2015.  Justin settled in Houston with his wife Michele and their four kids where he doubled down on his lifelong writing aspirations.  

Since then, Justin’s military science fiction and alternate history short stories have appeared in six anthologies from Baen and Chris Kennedy Publishing. For Chris Kennedy’s Phases of Mars series of anthologies, Justin wrote a trio of short stories positing an alternate French Indochina War, while for Baen he has written short stories in Michael Z. Williamson’s Freehold universe, and a novella in Tom Kratman’s Carreraverse.  The Romanov Rescue, with Kacey Ezell and Tom Kratman, is his first published novel, part of a prospective epic alternate history series.  Additionally, he is currently collaborating with Tom Kratman on the fourth book in the M-Day technothriller series set in the midst of the Mexican Drug War.


Terra Nova: The Wars of Liberation

Carrera Military SF series


Freehold: Resistance

Book 7 of 8: Freehold


Freehold: Defiance

Book 8 of 8: Freehold



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