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Kevin A. Davis



Kevin A Davis is a fantasy author with two published series set in modern settings; the Khimmer

Chronicles featuring the lively assassin Ahnjii, and the AngelSong series centering around the

indominable Haddie. A multitude of his short stories of have been published in anthologies.

Residing in north Florida, he attends conventions throughout the year either as a vendor, speaker, or a

fan. As Inkd Pub, they publish anthologies including the Hidden Villain series.

His newest series, the DRC Files, features Kristen, a witch with exceptional skill in magic, as the new

agent on a secret team that tracks down the worst to seep through the realms.

Visit his website at, on FB, or Twitter Insta


The Khimmer Chronicles

6 Book Series - The Khimmer Chronicles


The DRC Files

1 book series

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