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M.D. Boncher



As an author, artist and musician, M. D. Boncher has lead a “Writer’s Life”. With several careers in many varied industries from security to hospitality to trucking logistics providing him a wide breadth of experience with the human condition from which to draw on for his work. He has a passion for history, philosophy, civics and his faith. Over the last year, he’s self-trained in AI art software to add to his graphic design skills. When time allows, he also composes music for his writing. His hobbies include such nerdy things as Tabletop RPGs, videogames, camping, gardening and hunting, but most of his time is spent in artistic creations. When not creating he’s either reading or watching a movie from his extensive curated collection of sci-fi, fantasy, comics, horror, action, comedies, classics literature or film, detective fiction or pulp.

A native Wisconsinite, during the pandemic, M. D. got married and expatriated to the wonderful wilds of the mountain state of West Virginia. He now lives deep in the mountains of West Virginia with his wife, four very fluffy cats and small flock of feisty but naïve chickens.

M. D. first published in 2017 has two series currently with six books total. The first is an epic dark fantasy called “Akiniwazisaga”. The second is a snarky high flying “pulp/punk” adventure series titled the “Tales From the Dream Nebula”.


Akiniwazisaga: A Light Rises in a Dark World

Book 1 of 3: Akiniwazisaga


Lucid Reality

Book 2 of 3: Tales From the Dream Nebula


Dreams Within Dreams

Book 1 of 3: Tales From the Dream Nebula

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