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Tim Gilliland



Born in the malarial fever swamps of Memphis TN, Tim was raised on corn squeezin’s, bent nails and broken glass. After a rough-and-tumble childhood in the upper middle class, he went to high school at old-line catholic school for 'bad boys.' Once the bruises healed he went into the family construction HVAC biz, where he learned the ropes of corruption. After that played out he went to prison - as an instructor to the inmates in HVAC. One day the Warden came by, pointed to a CRT on a desk and asked, "Do you know what that is?" Tim said, "sure, it's a computer monitor."

The warden said, "Great, you are our new Management Information Specialist, report to the administration building at once."

Three years later he got out and went to work in the IT field. In 2004 Tim went into business with a partner doing commercial IT work, which he does to this day.

Tim’s interest in writing began as a teenager, when he was locked in his room for two years. Kipling, Sir Walter Scott, and all the greats of classic SF were his companions. He told his parents he wanted to be a writer, and they were horrified. "You'll starve!!!" seemed to be the consensus. - Go into journalism, at least you'll get a paycheck! Tim took one class in J school back when the hip guy of the moment was Marshall McLuhan. "the Media is the Message" was his siren song. Tim asked the instructor what that meant. she couldn't answer the question. She said, “the media IS the message!” as if it was some kind of revealed truth. Recognizing that for the nonsense that it was, Tim went back to English classes.

In the 90's he began drawing a comic strip for his own amusement, called King's Hot Waffles, about the adventures of Nosmo King, owner of a diner and dispenser of southern truisms.

When the plague of 2020 -21 hit, Tim, housebound, decided dammit, he was going to write a book. He did, and in the process learned what not to do. He honed his craft on short stories and published a collection of them called ‘The djinn of Just Deserts and Other Stories.’

Tim’s first novel ‘Lawyer to the Stars’ was published in 2022. His second novel in this series "Secret Agent to the Stars" will be published in the spring of 2024.

Tim’s hobbies include fly fishing, fly tying, gardening, rescuing wayward dogs, and contemplating the meaning of existence, one molecule at a time.

He looks forward to attending Libertycon in June.


The Djinn of Just Deserts


Lawyer to the Stars

Book One of Damien Durne's Accidental Adventures on the Frontier of the Galaxy

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