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William Alan Webb



Bill grew up in West Tennessee, riding his bike on narrow rural roads lined with wild blackberry bushes, in the days before urban sprawl. He spent those long rides dreaming of new worlds of adventure. Childhood for him was one interesting activity after another, from front yard football to naval miniatures, but from the very beginning reading was the central pillar of his life.

Any and all military history books fascinated him, beginning before age 8. By his teenage years he had discovered J.R.R. Tolkien and Robert E. Howard, Robert Heinlein and Fritz Leiber. Teachers ripped comic books out of his hands during Spanish and Accounting class. Oops!

After majoring in Creative Writing in college, he turned to writing history and non-fiction and was published a number of times, including in World War Two magazine.

In September 2014, he wrote the first pages of what would become Standing The Final Watch, and its prequels and sequels in the Last Brigade Universe. Thus, at age 60, his career in fiction had just begun.

Still living in West Tennessee with his wife of 45 years and 6 dogs, one of which is a Search and Rescue certified police dog, life has turned out better than he could ever have dreamed. Yet Bill never forgets that it is his readers who make this possible. There is a covenant between writer and reader that is always uppermost in his mind. Readers, who spend their time and money to read an author's works, deserve the best that author has to offer, and he never forgets that.

Bill is proud to be a member of the International Authors of Science Fiction Authors, the Science Fiction Writers of America, the Society For Military History and the Alliance of Independent Authors. To keep up with the latest news, including new releases, join the mailing list at his website,


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