Laura Montgomery



Laura Montgomery is a practicing space lawyer who writes space opera and nearfuture, bourgeois, legal science fiction. Her most recent books, Simple Service and Long in the Land, start a new series in the popular universe of her Waking Late trilogy. Mercenary Calling, her most recent near-future novel, follows one man’s efforts to save a starship captain from charges of mutiny. Her short story, License to Live, co-authored with Sarah A. Hoyt, is appearing in Baen’s Overruled anthology. Her author site is at

On the legal side, Laura’s private practice emphasizes commercial space transportation and the Outer Space Treaties. Before starting her own practice, she was the manager of the Space Law Branch in the FAA’s Office of the Chief Counsel, where she supported the regulators of commercial launch, reentry, and spaceports. There she worked on issues ranging from explosive siting to property rights in space. She has testified to the space subcommittees of both the House and Senate, and is an adjunct professor of space law at Catholic University’s Columbus School of Law. She writes and edits the space law blog and speaks regularly on space law issues.

She lives outside Washington, DC with her husband and dogs

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