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Terry Maggert



Terry has written more than fifty novels in his ten year career, ranging from Science Fiction to Fantasy to Horror, as well as a brief trip into the world of Redneck Erotica.

He's been a roofer, a pub owner, a history professor, and remains forklift qualified in three states. He still holds the record for the shortest tenure ever as president of the Palm Beach County Junior Red Cross, reigning with an iron fist for nearly eleven days in the spring of 1979.

A native of Hollywood, Florida, he resides on a compound near Nashville, Tennessee, where he writes and eats waffles-- sometimes on the same day.

His favorite author is Anne McCaffrey, and he holds a deep seated bias against butter beans. But much like his unfair removal as president of the Junior Red Cross, he would prefer to keep that reason to himself.

Name of Event
3:00 PM
CC - Mtg Rm 4 (Art Show)
Accommodations for the Undead in Modern Society
4:00 PM
M - Plaza Ballroom C
Autograph Session: Terry Maggert, Julie Frost, Robert Waters, David Carrico, Kelle Z. Riley
5:00 PM
CC - Ballroom E
Opening Ceremonies
1:00 PM
CC - Mtg Rm 4 (Art Show)
The Vision of Space Opera
6:30 PM
M - Plaza Ballroom B
Baen Reception - Private Event
11:00 AM
CC - Mtg Rm 7 & 8 (Workshop Track)
The Allure of Paranormal Romance and Noir

Sha'Daa: Toys

Sha'Daa: Tales of the Apocalypse Volume 6

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