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Atlanta Radio Theatre Company (ARTC) will perform:

“The Three Galaxateers” by Ron N. Butler – A sci-fi sit-com series inspired by the real-life
WWII work of sci-fi writers Robert A. Heinlein, L. Sprague de Camp, and a very young Isaac
Asimov. Today’s episode, “A Big Hand for the Little Doctor,” concerns the boys’ poker night...and
new love interests.

“A Case of Abuse” by Ron N. Butler – What would you do to be happy? And what might
happiness do to you? This dystopian short takes a dark look at the notion of “being good” and
asks the disturbing question, “Good for who?”

“The Unicorn and the Univac” by Thomas Fuller – Myth meets machine in this sci-fi/fantasy
blend that explores the clash between wonder and imagination, and cold, hard facts.

“Pilgrim Souls” by Ellie Cook – Set in the rich world of celtic folklore, this is a classic Hero’s
Journey undertaken by an old Irish woman armed with nothing but her wits, her courage, and
her cane.

Atlanta Radio Theatre Company (ARTC)

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