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Daskada, The Legend

Four Hoursemen Tales Book 3

At a time when Humans were just starting to venture forth into the Galactic Union as mercenaries, Martin Quincy survived long enough to do something no one else had—he retired.

There was only one problem. He got bored. What does a ‘Legend’ do when even the merc life gets boring? He starts his own company! Along with buddy Kal Turner, they marshalled their Torvasi and Andori troopers and began taking contracts. A force for good, Quincy went about the galaxy, killing aliens and getting paid, while righting all the wrongs he found along the way.

His only problem was that he was successful—too successful—and some races don’t take losing very well. Worse, they’re willing to stop at nothing—even blowing up a planet, if that’s what it takes—in order to get even with Quincy.

Can Martin find out who’s framing him and bring them to justice? Perhaps the real question is, “Will he have time?” His Sirra’Kan princess partner’s biological clock is ticking, her father Kor’Findralis, the Prime of Te’Warri, wants an heir, and now Quincy has a Blevin mistress to somehow work into the mix. What happens when you long for the simplicity of combat? You take more contracts because, on a mission, the worst thing that can happen to you is you get killed!


Chris Woods
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