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Contact Info

Chairman: Brandy Bolgeo Hendren


Brandy is our Illustrious Leader of Lady Ship Liberty! She has worked within every department of LibertyCon since its inception and served as Vice Chairman for many years before being passed the torch from Uncle Timmy back at LibertyCon 26. Through her guidance, we bring you one of the finest quality Literary Science Fiction/Fantasy/Science Conventions the world has to offer. She is also the person to contact for questions regarding:

  • Hotel

  • T-Shirts

  • Media Relations

  • Banquet

  • Contracts

  • LibertyCon Legal Stuff

Vice Chairman: Donald Puckett

When our Illustrious Leader needs advice, she looks to her Number One. Don is also in charge of setting up and tearing down LibertyCon, like the Art Show display area. If you would like to volunteer your time for LibertyCon for Set Up and Teardown, give Don a call. He’ll be glad you did and you’ll be glad for doing so.


Dealers Room inquiries should be directed towards Don.

  • General Dealers Room Questions

  • Becoming a Vendor

  • Volunteering for Setup and/or Teardown

Registration: Matthew Fanny

For the last several years, Matthew has enjoyed the thrills of taking care of LibertyCon’s Sold Out shows! He is also the last person to purchase a membership because he likes it that way. *smiles* He is the person to contact about:

  • Volunteering for Registration

  • Have questions about Registration

Programming: Rich Groller


Rich spends HOURS and HOURS putting together our World Class Programming. LibertyCon membership is limited to only 1000 folks, and usually 150+ of them are Pros (Authors, Artists, and Scientists). Rich is the person in charge of scheduling LibertyCon’s rich programming events, panels, and Authors Alley. Rich is the person to contact if you have questions about LibertyCon Programming.


Art Show: Ann Robards

Every year, LibertyCon puts on a world-class Art Show. Recruiting artists to display their wares, making sure the Art Show runs as smoothly as possible and putting together the very popular Saturday LibertyCon Event known as the LibertyCon Art Jam are all Ann’s responsibilities. For the last few years, Ann has been manning the helm of this portion of the ship. Ann is the person to ask about:

  • Entering the LibertyCon Art Show

  • All Art Show Related Questions

  • LibertyCon Art Jam

  • Volunteering to work at the Art Show

Con Suite: Vonn Gants

LibertyCon prides itself on offering one of the finest Con Suites in Fandom - the amazing That Ain't Quite Right Café and Bar. We do our very best to provide a place to congregate, chill, relax, have a beverage, get a bite to eat, and have a good time. You will hardly see Vonn anywhere else at the convention other than the LibertyCon Con Suite. Vonn is the person to talk to about:

  • General Con Suite Questions

  • Volunteering in the Con Suite


Treasurer: Sarah Martin


LibertyCon is a 501(c)(3) Charity of Charities. All monies raised, after the convention operating expenses are paid, go to our Charity of Choice. Who tracks all of this money, makes sure our taxes are paid, and ensures we get to keep our 501(c)(3) status? Financial inquiries can be directed to:

Secretary: Michael Gants

Typically, 18 months go into developing a LibertyCon event. We have meetings 11 months out of the year. One person keeps minutes on all of these meetings and helps to keep the LibertyCon Board of Directors and staff on track for these meetings. Michael is the person to talk with about:

  • Print Publications: Flyers, Posters, and Program Book

  • Program Book Ads

  • Charity of Choice

  • Blood Drive

  • Media contacts

WebMaster: Sarah Martin

Our handy dandy treasurer is maintaining our new website. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the LibertyCon Website or if you notice a correction that needs to be made, feel free to let Sarah know!

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