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LibertyCon Art Show

Since LibertyCon’s inception, it has had an ArtShow. Every year a call for entries is sent out. Every year the artshow is filled with the work of outstanding artists.

Attendees must have their LibertyCon Badge worn on display while in the ArtShow.


Call for Entries

A call for entries to artists and their works is usually sent out around the end of January each year. If you would like to be on this list, please send an email to  After receiving an entry form, please respond as soon as possible. Currently, the ArtShow is filled up on a first come first served basis and LibertyCon ArtShow has been a sold out show for the last few years.

Programming Events at the ArtShow

While each year may end up with a few different events in the ArtShow, there are two events which always happen in the ArtShow.

Friday Night: Meet the Artist

This is the Artist Meet and Greet. The LibertyCon Artist GoH will be in attendance as well as nearly all the artists who will be displaying their work in the show.


Saturday Afternoon: Charity Art Jam

LibertyCon ArtShow hosts this several hour event and invites a few of our attending artists to create an original piece of art at the convention during this time. The final pieces will be available for auction at the Charity & Art Auction later in the evening.

Purchasing Artwork

LibertyCon attendees can purchase any piece of art at the LC ArtShow if it is for sale (some piece are only on display and will say NFS). A bid sheet for a piece of artwork will be attached to or near the piece on display. The bid sheet is where a bid is made for purchasing the work; the highest bid wins. If any given piece receives more than two bids then the piece will enter the Art Auction on Saturday evening. In short: Three Bids Sends To Auction. Typically, there is also a Direct Sale option for pieces which have not yet been bid upon. The LibertyCon Artshow cashiers will process all purchases.


LibertyCon has several awards presented to artists and their works. The award presentations and announcements are made during the Art Charity Auction on Saturday evening.

The Polly Freas Award

The Polly Freas Award is the Best of Show LibertyCon ArtShow award. It is selected by all the attendees of the convention by secret ballot.


Pauline Harriet (Polly) Freas was the first wife of SF artist Frank Kelly Freas (married 1952) with whom she had three children. She was a much-loved figure in mid-Atlantic fandom. She graced this planet with her presence from 1918 to 1987. We honor her memory and everything she meant to us by naming our Best of Show LibertyCon ArtShow award after her.

ArtShow Awards

Children's Choice Award

This award is selected by secret ballot by all the children who attend LibertyCon.

Best Digital

This is awarded to the best digital computer generated image in the show.

Best 3-D

This is awarded to the best three dimensional piece in the show which is not computer generated.

Best 2-D

This is awarded to the best two dimensional piece in the show which is not computer generated.


Additional Information for Artists


A Call for Entries for the LibertyCon ArtShow usually is sent out around the end of January each year. If you are not on the LibertyCon ArtShow call for entries email list and would like to be, please send an email to

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