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Scattered, Smothered and Chunked - Bubba the Monster Hunter Season 1

Book 1 of 5: Bubba the Monster Hunter

"Cross Larry the Cable Guy with The Dresden Files, and you have Bubba the Monster Hunter"

"Reminds me a bit of Ash from Army of Darkness"

"Hartness spins another tale of redneck mayhem full of his usual sarcastic humor."

Ash v. the Evil Dead meets Larry the Cable Guy in this hilarious horror comedy mashup!

He’s the guy you want beside you in a bar fight, so why wouldn’t you want him saving the world? He’s Bubba the Monster Hunter, and he’s here to save the day!

Scattered, Smothered, & Chunked collects ten hilarious short stories and one origin novella about Robert “Bubba” Brabham, ex-Georgia Bulldogs football player and now the official Southeastern Regional Monster Hunter for the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Along with his best friend and tech guru Skeeter, Bubba hunts down zombies, werewolves, vampires, two-for-one lap dances, and beer specials all over the back roads and byways of the South.

Join Bubba, Skeeter, Uncle Father Joe, and Agent Amy Hall of the super-secret government agency DEMON as they rid the world of monsters and make the South a safer place for hard-drinking rock n’ roll loving rednecks everywhere!


John Hartness
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