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The Valkyrie Profiles

The Valkyrie Trilogy, Book 1

Vladia Robespierre, newest member of Earth’s prestigious Valkyrie Squad, has always struggled to conceal and come to terms with her unfortunate childhood. She and her charismatic half-brother were raised outside the State Rearing Facilities, making normal Terrans afraid to even touch such ‘disease ridden, blood babies’. But when war breaks out between Earth and the Lunar Colonies, Vladia finds herself consumed by a far greater danger: the destruction of every one and thing she holds dear. Faced with declassification and death, Vladia seeks an unlikely ally in the squad’s robot, Rehel, as she resists the reality that a reign of tyranny looms near- not at the hands of Earth or Luna, but of her own brother’s.Set in the not too distant future, The Valkyrie Profiles is the first in a trilogy that examines the technological and governmental influences on the degeneration of human relations and the elitism of class division. Although Earth is militaristically strong, its social and cultural collapse has become a disease that now threatens to take down the entire solar system.


Kimberly S. Daniels
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