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Submit Your Geeky Game Show Questions!

Do you know a lot of geeky trivia? Would you like to contribute to a game we're going to play at the next convention?

Baen Books "Slushmaster General" Gray Rinehart will be running a version of the YouTube game "Um, Actually" at LibertyCon this year - ours will be called "Well, Actually" - and the same way viewers can submit questions for the real show, you can submit questions for our show! If we use your question, you'll get a special shout-out during the game. (And maybe a prize, but no promises....)

If you're not familiar with the game, it involves panelists being presented with *very* detailed statements about geeky topics in which *one thing* is incorrect. The panelists have to correct the statement to score a point. Statements can be about whatever science fiction and fantasy fans like: movies, books, TV shows, games, anime, science - practically anything!

Here's a fairly easy example:

STATEMENT: In the STAR TREK original series episode "Day of the Dove," a group of Klingons trapped aboard the ENTERPRISE engage in brutal, never-ending combat with the Federation crew. To get both sides out of the conflict, Captain Kirk must convince the Klingon leader, Kodos, that they should unite against a common enemy: an alien lifeform that feeds on negative emotional energy.

CORRECTION: The Klingon commander was Kang, not Kodos.

We'll link an episode of the original show in the comments, so you can see just how specific the questions and corrections can be!

Interested? You can submit questions to Gray by private message here on Facebook, or by email at "grayman AT graymanwrites DOT com". If you send an e-mail, put "Convention Game Question" in the subject line. Either way, type out your complete statement, provide the correction, and note any sources that we can use for verification.

Thanks very much!

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