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Nuclear War Card Game



6:00 PM

M - Tennessee River (Gaming Room)

Host: Stan Bundy Nuclear War Card Game (all supplements combined). Time required: 2 hours (can and will go longer if the players want. Rick Loomis, the late publisher, used to run 2 hour slots of the basic game at Gen Con) Number of players: 3 to 20 Game knowledge required: minimal. basic rules are simple, and the additional features will be explained as they come up. Description: Got change for 10,000,000 people? This is the classic 55 year old card/board game, with the three boxed expansions and more added. Each player chooses a nation with a special ability, and proceeds to try to survive to the end, via propaganda, defensive systems, their wits, and ample use of thermonuclear weaponry. People eliminated get final retaliation with their weapons on hand, so just taking a foe down doesn't mean that they can't take you with them. Last person standing wins - if there is one.




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