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Sales Skills for Authors and Aspirants

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1:00 PM




CC - Mtg Rm 5 (Workshop Track)

"You've got an excellent book, literary kindling with which you're ready to set the world on fire, but now you need to do the hard part--you've got to sell the darn thing, whether it's to a publisher or direct to readers. Engaging with the intent to sell something can be an awkward, nerve-wracking process, but are there principles and techniques you could learn to make it more comfortable and, maybe

By night, Justin Watson is a military science fiction and alt history author with Baen. By day he is a regional sales manager for a billion dollar lighting and electronics corporation, responsible for commercial business in nine states, including Texas. His Army experience goes in his author bio--but what he's learned slinging lighting controls has been just as pivotal to his writing career. Maybe some of what he's learned can help you, too."

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