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A Werewolf in Cheap Clothing

Los Diablos, California Book 1

In a world where magic unexpectedly started working around 1947, Detective Delacroix is a witchdoctor with a badge serving with the Los Diablos California Magical Crimes Against Persons unit. His partner is a vampire named Vlad, who has a fondness for take-out from the red cross, and Delacroix just found an amnesiac werewolf in a cemetery.

And then there is the dead porn store clerk, secret societies that aren’t very secret and an upcoming mystical convention.

A "religious" gathering.

But then, technically, so is Mardi Gras.

Hookers, booze, abductions, mayhem, public rituals and sinister secret ones.

Could it be that someone is trying to undo magic? Or control all magic? Or just have a real good time?

How can one powerless Voodoo cop find the answers? The clock is ticking and the threat to reality looms. If only he could get over “rug burn.”


Geoffrey Mandragora
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