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LibertyCon Munchkin

LibertyCon Munchkin (Misty Kat Waller).png

In 2016, Steve Jackson offered a chance for one lucky person to win a personalized card for the game Munchkin during the Art and Charity Auction. When the bids grew to a certain point, he added a second card to the auction. Dana Bridges and Matt Fanny each had a winning bid. The next year, Steve was kind enough to offer another card. And the next year. And the next. In fact, the only year since 2016 a new card hasn't been added from LibertyCon is 2020, a year we were, unfortunately, unable to hold a convention.

Here are the current cards in the LibertyCon Munchkin lineup.

Munchkin is a wholly owned trademark of Steve Jackson Games 


2016 Clockwork Dragon (Dana Bridges).png
2016 Schooled by Mr. Fanny (Matt Fanny).png


2017 Brandy (Brandy Hendren)_edited.jpg
2017 Christopher Robin (Christopher Robin).png


2018 Loewe Rider (Christopher Loewe).png
2018 Mary Sue (Doug Lampert).png
2018 Perfectly Tailored (Jonna Hayden).png


2019 Charita's Mello Cello (Nick Braker).png
2019 Charlie Horse (Charles Bussey).png
2019 Death (Gary Bamberger).png


2021 Fearsome Forgemaster (Andrew Souvinette).png
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