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In orbit, the Cold War turns hot.

Long before he commanded the Arkangel on its mission to the outer planets, Vladimir Vaschenko was a rookie cosmonaut defending his country from the high ground of space.

At the height of the Cold War, the United States and Soviet Union were in a race not only for the Moon but for domination of Earth orbit. Astronauts and cosmonauts, piloting top-secret spacecraft through intricate dances of deception and evasion, will ultimately clash high above Earth in a battle that neither side would ever acknowledge. And space combat will test young Lieutenant Vaschenko and his American adversary in ways neither man could expect.

In this new adventure set in the world of Frozen Orbit, readers will learn how Vladimir Vaschenko earned his status as a hero cosmonaut, why his exploits remained forever classified, and how he came into possession of a certain piece of beloved English fantasy literature discovered decades later aboard the abandoned Arkangel.


Patrick Chiles
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