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Blood War: Betray

Book 4 of 4: Blood War

When you can’t trust humans, can you really trust a demon?

Humanity beat back the Demon Hordes once. Emerging from the literal rain of blood, our warriors, what few remained, tried desperately to retain their sanity. Most failed. The few that held on were recruited by world governments to fight an enemy that was theoretically defeated.

As an expendable contractor, Lieutenant Colonel Declan Kenner survived the Blood War, and even his own government’s classified missions to suppress magic and stray demons. But the blood that had soaked Declan and his military brethren burned through their bodies and minds. Only a mysterious drug the government provided as payment for his missions, kept him from succumbing to the rage that tried to drive him mad.

With the help of Fae magic Declan may survive long enough to realize the war between the races is just beginning.  The Fae, the Demons, the Angels, and even the Humans all have plans that might mean death for Humanity. If Declan and his fellow Blood War survivors can learn whom they can trust before the next blood rains falls, they might have a chance to save everyone. 


Blood War: Betray combines the realms of Fae, Angel, Human and Demon into an urban fantasy mixture of magic, military, and political intrigue, in a world still fighting to recover from an apocalypse. Your worst enemy may become your ally, or quite possibly everyone will betray you.


Melisa Todd
Douglas Burbey
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