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Blood War: Rage

Book 1 of 4: Blood War

A damaged demon hunter. A mysterious end to peace. Can he stay sane long enough to stop a bloody war?

Declan Kenner doesn’t mind drinking himself to death. With the Blood War over and peace on all side, the demon hunter is haunted by memories of torture and bouts of debilitating PTSD. But when a fresh enemy attack triggers his magical Rage, he’s certain the real war has just begun.

After his unbridled fury almost kills the innocent, Declan must take a dirty government deal in return for powerful anger suppressants. With the reluctant help of a sword-wielding young woman, he discovers that his state-funded demon battles conceal a dark secret.

Can Declan learn to fight the good fight or will selling his soul result in the world’s destruction?

Blood War: Rage is a gripping apocalyptic urban fantasy novel. If you like dark magic, bloody battles, and tight plots, then you'll love Doug Burbey & Mel Todd’s action-packed tale.


Melisa Todd
Douglas Burbey
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