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Colonies Lost

Trip Hackett needs a beer.

On the heels of his latest suspension, the disgraced US Marshal packs up his Stetson and returns home to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, where he hopes to circle his wagons and find a new means of supporting his family. He knew the shooting had been justified. However, with Trip’s history plus the white-hot spotlight on cops these days, and the deceased turning out to be the son of a Washington senator, he bet his paltry retirement savings that his time in investigations was over.

Enter the enigmatic Mr. Smith, an odd-looking stranger from out of town with a proposition. If Trip will help Smith’s employers find a missing girl then the former will never want for money again. Grudgingly, Trip takes the case, expecting it will be the last of his career. He may be right, though for reasons he could’ve never possibly imagined.

Trip soon goes on a journey to escape his present, only to run straight into a past he never knew existed. Trip Hackett’s travel to the stars will bring him face-to-face with the answer to America’s greatest unsolved mystery.


Ian J. Malone
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