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Operation Cobalt

Part of: The Biogenesis War Files (4 books)

Just a girl, her dog, and one epic grudge match.

Katie Hyer was minding her own business, hauling ore for Cobalt Mining, when radicals took over Sierra Twelve. But she's back now, and she's out for blood. She might be young, but she's smart and resourceful. And no one knows their way around the space station she calls home better than she does.

As she wages her own personal war of attrition, the terrorists soon realize they picked the wrong girl to mess with. Because Katie will go to any lengths to free her friends and family. And when Katie goes to war... she takes no prisoners.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Operation Cobalt is a fun, fast-paced novella in the Chiral Agent universe. Total word count: 31,000 words.

All of the Biogenesis War Files books can be read as standalone stories.


LL Richman
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