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Book 1 of 1: Denebola Space Fleet Academy

“Forever brothers. No cost too high. No sacrifice too great” were the last words Joe said to his older brother Tommy who was left behind during the Slith attack on Raven’s World. Joe promised his brother he would return; but sent to Earth, Joe learned admission to the Denebola Space Fleet Academy was not likely—especially for a penniless refugee with a marginal education when everyone was looking for an angle to survive.

On Earth, just surviving was hard. The Goruun treaty gave them the right to buy anyone who broke the law, lost their job, was not in school, or owed money. When his father learned he would be replaced by alien technology, his parents began saving money to immigrate the family to a new colony. It was that or be sold to the Goruun.

Joe ran through his options the day they told him his high school classes were unaffordable. He had no money, no job, and wasn’t in school. Now, the only way to survive and keep his promise to Tommy was break the law. Joe pulled his hat down as he stood up. It was time to go to Shantytown.


D.S. Watson
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