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"A shining feat of literary sci-fi in a totalitarian futuristic society" – Independent Book Review

250 years in the future, artificial intelligences control every aspect of Kim’s life - from what she has for breakfast to who she is allowed to have sex with.

Living in the northeast province of what used to be the United States, she is a rising star at The Artificial Intelligence Company, training and managing sentient beings called “AIs” in the enigmatic parallel universe of Virtual Reality.

She is comfortable and prosperous, but is she happy? No, not really. And then a seemingly harmless lark sends Kim’s life spinning out of control as she launches into a journey of discovery that threatens to tear down society’s corrupt powers, and possibly civilization itself.

1984 meets The Matrix in this riveting science fiction novel about corporate totalitarianism, personal freedom, and one brave character’s journey to reclaim her humanity from an oppressive regime. A slow burn with an explosive finish, this is not a book to put down.

★★★★★ “What intense world building! Wonderful character growth! Crisp story line! Thoughtful science fiction! Imaginative descriptions! I can keep talking in exclamatory phrases but you get my point by now - this is a fantastic book." Myra N., Reedsy Reviewer.


Craig Stanfill
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