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The Bounty Game

Book 14 of 14: Division One

In Agent Omega's worldview, certain things simply were not possible.

And the claim of this tall, imposing alien woman calling herself Myclestra, that she came from another universe, was impossible. Worse yet, Myclestra claimed to be a bounty hunter tracking an evil shape-shifting perpetrator who wielded real, powerful, world-shattering...magic. Not simple cantrips, but wizardry that could destroy a world...or a galaxy.

But as terrible as her perp was, it was the gigantic sword slung over Myclestra's back that was the true threat to everything Echo and Omega strove to protect. A five-foot-long blade, forged from the heart of a neutron star, crowned with a hilt of fabulous gems and precious metals. A sword literally haunted by a spirit that could be the end of Galactic civilization in the entire Milky Way...and more.


A.G. Thompson
Stephanie Osborn
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