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The Lyons' Pride

The Phoenix Initiative Book 1

No other Human is more enigmatic than the Lyon.

On the African savanna, the male lion is the lord who watches over his family, while the females of the clan do the real work.

Joel, “The Lyon” Lyons thought that owning a mercenary company would be similar—he could sit back and allow the Lyoness to run the Pride. Everything would go well, money from successfully completed contracts would flow like water into his bank accounts, and everything would be as easy as it had been for him when he’d owned a chain of highly-successful restaurants.

It’s easy to be full of pride when everything is going your way.

But when he runs afoul of Peepo, the Veetanho who is arguably the most successful mercenary general in galactic history, he finally meets his match—someone who is every bit the master of logistics he is—and he is brought low.

The true measure of a man isn’t in never being knocked down, though—it’s in what you do when you are. When Peepo leaves him for dead on the battlefield, will the Lyon slink away from the galactic spotlight, or will he get back up again and let the galaxy hear him roar?


Marisa Wolf
Chris Kennedy
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