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The Product

You will find new friends. You might even fall in love. The Product will change your life.

Kevin just wanted to get a little extra for Lily’s birthday.

He’s a dealer, one who provides the Product for the masses. He wanted to get the best for his girl, to help them both deal with the repressive authoritarian world they live in.

Kevin’s already been to re-education camp once. He’ll die before he goes again. But the Product is too important for him to forget, too important for him to stop sharing. Even if that means making the ultimate sacrifice.

Marina Fontaine is an immigrant from the former Soviet Union. She uses personal experience to craft a novella that takes an intimate look at life in a totalitarian society.

Will Kevin’s friends save him? Is there a way to escape his dystopian life with Lily and start a new life? Or will he die forgotten, just another Dealer?

Read The Product today to find out.


Marina Fontaine
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