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Time Trials


Marty Cohen was a gifted linguist and student of ancient military strategy who stepped away from academic Egyptology and opened a woodworking shop. Away from the bitter politics and petty rivalries, he's happy to take care of his people, play the occasional war game, and try to make a good life.

Yet when business takes a turn for the worse, an opportunity appears. He gets summoned back to Egypt: an off-the-grid dig funded by an eccentric financier has discovered texts that may be the earliest Egypt has produced, and they'll pay Marty silly amounts of cash just to fly out and take one little look.

Marty turned his back on the academia game, but he's a small business owner who has to make payroll, and he can't say no to the money.

But the texts open doors to an astonishing journey: the ragtag team of archaeologists finds itself in protohistoric North Africa, a drying land dominated by horrors, where humanity is badly in need of champions.

And behind the war against the fearsome overlords lies a greater struggle: Marty and his team have been chosen to be champions of all Earth and to run a gauntlet on humanity's behalf.

Failure will mean extinction.

At the publisher's request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management).


Michael A. Rothman
David (D.J.) Butler
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