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Charity Auction 2023

Once again, LibertyCon is lucky enough to have wonderful people donating items for our Charity and Art Auction. This year the auction will take place at 7 pm EDT on Saturday, June 24. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to our Charity of Choice, the Ronald McDonald House of Greater Chattanooga.

Here is a preview of six amazing items we'll auction off this year. Trust me, the final auction will have several more things to bid on.

1. A signed copy of Ray Bradbury's Dinosaur Tales

2. Mother Thing (from Have Spacesuit, Will Travel) plushie (unopened)

3. A personalized Munchkin card (see past year winning cards) from Steve Jackson Games

4. Four tuckerizations (Travis Taylor, Tom Kratman, Chris Woods, and William Joseph Roberts)

5. A complete Monster Hunter International RPG Kickstarter Edition set

6. Six seats for a session of Gritty Cop Show RPG with Larry Correia as the gamemaster

The auction is a highlight of the convention and a great way to help out a worthy charity. So come and enjoy the show. And don't forget your wallet, because I know you'd hate to miss out on some amazing and awesome items.

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