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LibertyCon34 Charity of Choice

LibertyCon 34 is a mere TWO WEEKS away.

In case we haven't mentioned it, LC34's Charity of Choice (CoC) is Lana's Love Foundation.

As we do do every year, we donate a portion of the LibertyCon memberships fees to our CoC and hold a Charity Auction where all proceeds for all items donated for the cause go towards the CoC coffer. There also tends to be other events which happen at the convention which will raise funds for the CoC as well, including a Hillbilly's Side Quest from Three Ravens this year.

EVERY YEAR we are always astounded by the generosity of our Pros and Attendees. We are sure this year will be no different.

Already, a number of Pros have volunteered... um... donated... Tuckerizations (a way to be personally named in a book by the author - you may or may not die), David Weber has again offered up a slot to be included in his First Readers List, Steve Jackson is giving everyone a chance to bid on having your very own Munchkin card, and Larry Correia is inviting six individuals to have a seat at the table to play a game hosted by him at LibertyCon on the Sunday of LC after Main Programming ends.

There will be an event on Saturday we call the Charity Art Jam where several of the attending Pro Artists spend several hours of their time creating an original piece of art with the final pieces to be bid on at the LC Charity Auction on Saturday Evening.

There, typically, is art, books (rare, signed, and otherwise), trinkets, clothes, and other donated items available to bid on at the CoC Charity Auction as well.

The LC Charity Auction, and the items to be bid on, are available to all LC Attendees and is one of the perks of an LC Membership. This is a chance to procure items ONLY available at LibertyCon.

Below is a portion of the list of the LC34 Charity Auction Certificates which will be available to bid on to wet your whistle and help encourage you to open your pocket books to help raise money for our LibertyCon 34 Charity of Choice: Lana's Love Foundation

NOTE: The images of the certificates below say, "Lana's Love," the actual certificates to be awarded to winning bidders at LC34 will say, "Lana's Love Foundation."

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