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Literary Guest of Honor Update

In another 'life can be unpredictable' moment, our Literary Guest of Honor, Taylor Anderson, has had an unexpected health issue and will not be able to attend LibertyCon this year. The most important thing is that he will be fine and healthy with a little bit of recovery time but driving across the country in a few weeks just isn't in the cards. He was so gracious and truly upset not to get to spend the weekend with us but hopefully, we'll be able to partake of his delightful company next summer.

As what often happens in fandom, awesome friends agree to help when it's needed so it ends up that we'll have one Anderson step in for another Anderson to help us out. Kevin J. Anderson will return to LibertyCon to perform Taylor's LGoH duties this year. We're thrilled to have Kevin with us to talk about everything from the Dune universe to his short story in the upcoming LibertyCon charity book.

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